It’s been a long time. So many things have happened. Where do I start?


it’s time for another double exposureness. Didn’t plan this one, this explains bad overlapping. However it came out all right. First layer happened mostly in hometown, second during the Highway to Hill weekend in Berlin.

Queen - Bicycle Race

Find me a reason not to sink in these waves

Today was my last high school exam. Never going back to school as a pupil again. Party party.

people are people

Less than a year later we drove to Würzburg again to visit Fiona who moved there for her studies. This year we had more time for sightseeing, nightlife and sports.

On our way to Fluff 2012 we did a stop in Würzburg for a show. Sightseeing was fun.

The following year wasn’t different. Fluff Fest 2012 happened big time.

Going through my old pictures I found these. Shoot them at the Fluff Fest in Czech Republic in year 2011. A lot of good times. Hope I’ll manage it to go this year again. 

Party and random faces from Barcelona.

During my wandering through York and Bruges I also shot on a 35mm film. I used the same roll a few weeks later in Barcelona on our New Year’s holidays. All of them were taken randomly without any planning. 

A schoolmate of mine asked me if I would like to make some photos with her dad’s camera. My answer was obviously yes. It was a Voigtländer Bessa 66 which I have loaded with Kodak BW400CN. And what could be a better event to shoot the photos than our school trip to York, England? The result turned out not as bad as I thought.